Aggressive Sales are Outdated

Actually, we avoid sales emails unconsciously, that is how much we hate it. For every 100 sales email, I probably open 1. What if we handled sales like asking a girl out on a date rather than a conquest or a magician trying to wow people using trickery? The essence of connecting with people, getting to know their needs is skipped in the sales process because it is time consuming and you do not even know if they will buy. After committing so much time to get to know the customer. What a waste...? Well that's what you think. Especially in the fast paced environment we work in. Here is how to stop being part of the problem that got us here in the first place. Money chasing is the source of the problem. We see each potential customer as a walking dollar bill! Let us try to overcome this. First, understand who you want to serve and who your products are not suitable for. Then, create content that will attract a few of them. Then reach out to those who already interact with your content. The size of sales funnel seems to be something companies are more interested in rather than the quality of leads and communication that happens within that sales funnel. A large sales funnel is not as effective as a slim funnel with valuable leads, quality conversations and connecting with people on a platonic basis first and then going deeper into sales. But this may seem unrealistic for some people because they have very high sales targets that an aggressive sales behavior seems to be the only solution they think of. Would you like to transform strangers to friends then to customers? Talk to us! Author: Ima H.

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