How to Know the Best Digital Marketing Platform for your Business

Today, many business owners are transitioning to digital platforms as the world evolves around digitalisation. There are billions of internet users daily on the go. People surf the internet at the train station, restaurants, homes, offices, streets and anywhere they are, in seconds.

The fast internet usage in our world today is indicative of the need to utilise online marketing. People are on the internet every second; your business should be there.

Whatever product you sell or service, your customer or audience is online. Your goal is to understand how online businesses work and how you can make sales. Digital marketing may be the last piece in your business, and if not well planned, you may put it in the wrong place. How do you decide the best digital marketing platform for your business amidst the numerous platforms available?

1. Understand where your customers/audience spend more time

It is essential to understand who your customers are, what they do and how they live. Say you want to sell kidswear; your ideal target audience should be women (specifically young moms). It will be wrong to target singles—It's primarily mothers who shop for their kids. So, if young moms spend most of their online time on Facebook, Facebook should be your top platform for target marketing. Create a table for your buyer personas; know them, understand them and be ready to give them what they want- study their psychology, online behaviours, cognitive bias, and demographics.

2. Identify your goals and the tools you need

Decide on how you want to engage with them at different points by identifying your goals. If you have found your target audience on Facebook, how do you plan to reach them directly?

A great way to reach your audience without seeming intrusive is to share relevant information about your product/services. You can also entertain new mums and share content that resonates with their current phase as kids' moms.

How do you do these? Depending on your audience, be careful not to share content that may appear insensitive, condescending or unprofessional. Don't try to crack a joke to professionals when you can share educative content.

Gather your tools; these could be active social media accounts with captivating profiles, marketing tools, a working phone number and email address and an active call-to-action.

3. Build and promote your brand visibility

When people visit your page, the first thing that should come to their minds is that you are a solution provider, not a wack business owner. Your page represents your brand/business; people tend to see it in the light of who you are and what you do. Start by creating a unique business profile that attracts customers. Your bio should be clear, concise and ultra-specific. Add a call-to-action such as a call button, direct message button or link that takes your prospects or customers to your sales or enquiry page. Increase your brand visibility by sharing relatable content for your audience and entertaining and educating them based on their persona. Be credible, and don't give anyone a reason to doubt the credibility of your business.

4. Audit and plan your media campaigns

It is possible to find your customers on multiple platforms, and you can be active on another platform where your buyers spend some time. KKids'moms can be on Instagram too. It is advisable to have more than one digital platform for your business. Work your media campaigns on both platforms and audit each performance to know which suits your business. Use the outlined tips for auditing your media campaigns/posts.

Track all your social media accounts.

  • Determine your best posts.

  • Analyse the channel's performance.

  • Observe the progress of the results over time.

  • Determine your return on investment.

  • Understand each network's target audience.

  • Determine which channels are appropriate for you.

Finding the right digital marketing platform for your business campaign will help you understand how your business works and it will bring good results that you can track and work with it.

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